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patrick-smallMy name is Patrick Hankinson.  I’m a operator, investor and advisor. I’m behind a few startups – currently working on Compilr.  The title of this blog is mis-leading because I don’t think I’m a whiz when it comes to startups.  In fact, I quite enjoy that I don’t know everything when it comes to startups – it keeps me in a state of curiosity!

I started this blog as a way to communicate ideas to other startup founders to see if my ideas resonate or are invalid.  It seems like a great way to start soliciting feedback!  I strongly encourage comments on my blog, especially if you disagree with me.

You’ll notice at the core, I believe strongly in the fundamentals behind a business:

  • Build a business with a large audience
  • Build a business that can generate sizeable revenue
  • Use venture capital to accelerate a business, not to build a business.
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